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The Collins Firm offers a comprehensive range of business-based legal services. The law firm is an especially useful resource for aspiring entrepreneurs who are new to the world of business ownership. Matthew P. Collins provides in-depth advice regarding the complications surrounding business formation. He is willing to draft and review a wide array of important business contracts, including operating agreements, articles of incorporation, employee agreements, and franchise agreements, among others. He also provides excellent advice regarding intellectual property and other common concerns.
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Contracts & Agreements

Atlanta businesses enter into contracts on a regular basis, with many local companies completing multiple contracts every day. These contracts may include everything from licensing agreements to real estate purchases. If the basics of these contracts are misunderstood, the result could be costly and time-consuming disputes. The Collins Firm can help your business avoid disputes through careful overview of all contracts and agreements. If a dispute does arise, Matthew P. Collins will provide the strong legal advocacy needed to secure a favorable resolution.
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Corporate & Incorporation

Welcome to The Collins Firm, where Atlanta Attorney Matt Collins provides comprehensive commercial legal representation. When you have an important business law matter, nothing matters more than getting counsel from an experienced attorney who understands Georgia state and federal law as it pertains to your company. Learn more about corporate legal services from The Collins Firm by scheduling a free new client consultation.
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Debt Collection

As a business owner, your profitability depends largely on the ability and willingness of your clients and customers to pay their account balances on time. Unfortunately, some clients don't keep their accounts current, either because they are unable to do so or because they simply don't wish to pay what they owe. In such cases, you need a skilled debt collection attorney on your side to help your company recover the money owed.
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Litigation is a complex practice area that necessitates strategic planning, patient counsel, skilled negotiation, and zealous representation. Matthew P. Collins brings all this to the table, as well as a clear desire to deliver the best possible case outcomes for his valued clients. In over two decades of litigation law, he has achieved numerous successes, and thus achieved an impressive reputation throughout Greater Atlanta.
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