Matthew P. Collins is a respected business lawyer with a long history of success in the Atlanta area. Not only has he handled a variety of legal matters involving business formation, contract review, and corporate litigation, he has found success as a business owner in his own right. Clients value his combined background in business and law, as it gives him a valuable perspective and a healthy respect for the difficulties faced by Atlanta entrepreneurs.

Services Offered at The Collins Firm

The Collins Firm offers a comprehensive range of business-based legal services. The law firm is an especially useful resource for aspiring entrepreneurs who are new to the world of business ownership. Matthew P. Collins provides in-depth advice regarding the complications surrounding business formation. He is willing to draft and review a wide array of important business contracts, including operating agreements, articles of incorporation, employee agreements, and franchise agreements, among others. He also provides excellent advice regarding intellectual property and other common concerns.

Contract Disputes and Business Litigation

Through his efforts as a business formation and contract lawyer, Matthew Collins is able to help numerous clients avoid contentious contract disputes and litigation. However, in some cases, it is all but impossible to prevent such disputes. If a dispute does arise, it is important to seek counsel from a knowledgeable attorney. Matthew Collins strives to help his clients settle disputes through mediation and arbitration whenever possible, but if his litigation services are required, he provides the zealous representation required for courtroom success.

Matthew P. Collins: Helping People and Businesses in the Atlanta Area

A trusted business lawyer with an excellent reputation throughout Greater Atlanta, Matthew P. Collins possesses a thorough understanding of the region’s business climate and legal system. This breadth of knowledge allows him to better serve his valued clients, who appreciate his attention to detail. Clients also speak highly of the respectful candor he maintains in all facets of business law. His communication style is professional, yet caring — and his focus on transparency is refreshing.

From business formation to contract litigation, Matthew Collins handles a wide array of legal matters. He is a great advocate to have at your side, regardless of the nature of your current legal concerns. Feel free to get in touch with The Collins Firm to learn more about the range of legal services provided by Matthew P. Collins.

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