Contracts & Agreements

Atlanta businesses enter into contracts on a regular basis, with many local companies completing multiple contracts every day. These contracts may include everything from licensing agreements to real estate purchases. If the basics of these contracts are misunderstood, the result could be costly and time-consuming disputes.

The Collins Firm can help your business avoid disputes through careful overview of all contracts and agreements. If a dispute does arise, Matthew P. Collins will provide the strong legal advocacy needed to secure a favorable resolution.

Contract Creation

Through careful contract drafting, it is possible to greatly reduce the risk of future disputes and litigation. A clear contract with specific details provides guidance in the event of a misunderstanding between involved parties. The ideal contract lacks ambiguous terms or concepts that can be interpreted differently. A valid contract also maintains full compliance with all federal and local regulations.

The Collins Firm provides drafting and overview services for a wide array of contracts and agreements, including the following:

  • Shareholder agreements
  • Licensing agreements
  • Employee agreements
  • Independent contractor agreements
  • Domain licensing agreements
  • Franchise agreements

In addition to drafting contracts and agreements, Matthew P. Collins reviews existing contracts to ensure that they are valid. While examining existing contracts, he pinpoints potential issues and helps clients address these concerns in a prompt and effective manner.

Contract Disputes

Ideally, thorough overview of contracts will minimize the potential for future disputes. Unfortunately, despite the best of efforts, these disputes are sometimes impossible to avoid. If a dispute does arise, the right lawyer can help you obtain the best possible outcome. Depending on the nature of the dispute, this favorable outcome may be achieved through mediation, arbitration, or in court. Matthew P. Collins can give you valuable advice as to the best strategy for your dispute. Once you’ve decided on a preferred approach, The Collins Firm will provide the proactive representation required for a satisfactory resolution.

The Collins Firm: A Trusted Atlanta Resource For Contracts And Agreements

The Collins Firm offers a broad range of contract services, including drafting, review, and dispute resolution. Whether you require legal oversight as you complete a contract or need aggressive representation from a trusted business lawyer, you can benefit greatly from a consultation with The Collins Firm. A respected Atlanta attorney with a long history of success in business and contract law, Matthew P. Collins will represent your best interests both in and out of court.

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