Debt Collection

As a business owner, your profitability depends largely on the ability and willingness of your clients and customers to pay their account balances on time. Unfortunately, some clients don’t keep their accounts current, either because they are unable to do so or because they simply don’t wish to pay what they owe. In such cases, you need a skilled debt collection attorney on your side to help your company recover the money owed.

About Debt Collection in Georgia

If you are owed a consumer debt in the state of Georgia, you can attempt to collect the debt by calling the client and/or sending letters requesting payment. Unfortunately, many clients will ignore these communications in hopes that you will give up. In such cases,  you can also file a lawsuit against the consumer to recover the debt in question. If your claim is successful, the court will grant you a judgment, which gives you the power to try to collect the debt using more aggressive strategies. Examples of debt collection strategies you can use with an active judgment against the consumer include wage garnishment, bank account levies and liens against assets owned by the debtor. Having a judgment may also increase your odds of recovering some or all of the debt if the debtor files for bankruptcy.

Hiring an Attorney

If you are dealing with unpaid debts in Georgia, you need to act quickly. Georgia imposes a statute of limitations on debt collection, which prevents you from collecting the debt after a certain amount of time has passed. Although you can attempt to collect debts on your own, you can increase your chances of success by working with an experienced attorney who understands debt collection law in Georgia. Here at the Collins Firm, we have many years of experience helping our clients collect the debts they are owed. If you have uncollected debts, we can help you file a claim, obtain a judgment and recover your debt before the statute of limitations expires.

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