Litigation is a complex practice area that necessitates strategic planning, patient counsel, skilled negotiation, and zealous representation. Matthew P. Collins brings all this to the table, as well as a clear desire to deliver the best possible case outcomes for his valued clients. In over two decades of litigation law, he has achieved numerous successes, and thus achieved an impressive reputation throughout Greater Atlanta.

Business Litigation

Matthew P. Collins works extensively in business law, so he is an ideal advocate to turn to for all business litigation matters. His background in business includes a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Georgia, as well as ownership of multiple successful businesses. In business cases involving litigation, he combines his thorough understanding of the business world with an aggressive representation style. This allows him to secure favorable resolutions for the most complicated of business litigation cases.

A variety of business litigation cases are handled by The Collins Firm, including breach of fiduciary duty, breach of contract, consumer fraud, and business defamation. Many of the cases handled by The Collins Firm involve contract litigation. Matthew Collins’ extensive work in both contract drafting and litigation have given him a valuable perspective on this complex practice area. He frequently draws on this background when handling complicated litigation cases.

The Litigation Process

The ideal litigation attorney serves not only as a strong advocate in court, but also as a patient legal advisor. The litigation process can be frustratingly complex, but a good lawyer can break down the intricacies of this process and make it easier for ordinary individuals to understand. Matthew Collins takes his role as educator seriously. He strives to bring a sense of understanding to every client, providing the information and advice necessary to fully prepare clients for courtroom proceedings.

The pre-litigation process involves not only in-depth and patient counsel for clients, but also thorough investigations. Known as the discovery phase, this investigative process typically involves the examination of several essential documents, and in some cases, witness questioning. A talented investigator, Matthew Collins works tirelessly to unearth discrepancies that serve his clients well in court.

The Collins Firm: Helping People and Businesses Through Aggressive Litigation

A trusted litigation lawyer with an impressive track record, Matthew P. Collins provides strong legal advocacy and effective courtroom strategy. His efforts have resulted in numerous litigation successes. Your current legal issues may seem hopelessly complicated, but with Matthew Collins’ help, a favorable resolution is possible.

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